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What does 4New do?

New Concept, New Technology, New Process, New Product.
● Fine Filtration.
● Precise Controlled Temperature.
● Oil-Mist Collection
● Swarf Handling.
● Coolant Purifying.
● Filter Media.
4New Customized Package Solution Meet the Customer Needs Perfectly.

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    Founded in 1990
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    33 years experience
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    More than 30 Products
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    Factory Space 6000㎡




  • 4New LGB Series Compact Belt Filter

    4New LGB Series Compact Belt Filter

    Application The 4New compact filter is a belt filter used to clean cooling lubricants during the machining process Used as an independent cleaning device or in combination with a chip conveyor (such as in a machining center) Local (applicable to one machine tool) or centralized use (applicable to multiple machine tools) Properties Compact design Good value for the money Higher hydrostatic pressure compared to gravity belt filter Sweeper blades and scrapers Widely applicable to ...

  • 4New LM Series Magnetic Separator

    4New LM Series Magnetic Separator

    Roller type magnetic separator The press roll type magnetic separator is mainly composed of a tank, a strong magnetic roller, a rubber roller, a reducer motor, a stainless steel scraper and transmission parts. The dirty cutting fluid flows into the magnetic separator. Through the adsorption of the powerful magnetic drum in the separator, most of the magnetic conductive iron filings, impurities, wear debris, etc. in the dirty fluid are separated and tightly adsorbed on the surface of the magne...

  • 4New LV Series Vacuum Belt Filter

    4New LV Series Vacuum Belt Filter

    Product Advantages ● Continuously supply liquid to the machine tool without being interrupted by backwashing. ● 20~30μm filtering effect. ● Different filter paper can be selected to cope with various working conditions. ● Robust and reliable structure and fully automatic operation. ● Low installation and maintenance costs. ● The reeling device can peel off the filter residue and collect the filter paper. ● Compared with gravity filtration, vacuum negative pressure filtration consumes less fil...

  • 4New LC Series Precoating Filtration System

    4New LC Series Precoating Filtration System

    Main Technical Parameters Equipment model LC150 ~ LC4000 Filtering form High precision precoating filtration, optional magnetic pre separation Applicable machine tool Grinding machineLathe Honing machine Finishing machine Grinding and polishing machine Transmission test bench Applicable fluid Grinding oil, emulsion Slag discharge mode Air pressure dewatering of wear debris, liquid content ≤ 9% Filtering accuracy 5μm. Optional 1μm secondary filter element Filter flow 150 ~ 4000l...

  • 4New LG Series Gravity Belt Filter

    4New LG Series Gravity Belt Filter

    Description Gravity belt filter is generally applicable to the filtration of cutting fluid or grinding fluid below 300L/min. LM series magnetic separation can be added for pre-separation, bag filter can be added for secondary fine filtration, and cooling temperature control device can be added to precisely control the temperature of grinding fluid to provide clean grinding fluid with adjustable temperature. The density of filter paper is generally 50~70 square meters gram weight, and the filt...

  • 4New LE Series Centrifugal Filter

    4New LE Series Centrifugal Filter

    Application Introduction ● LE series centrifugal filter developed and manufactured has a filtering accuracy of up to 1um. It is especially suitable for the finest and cleanest filtration and temperature control of grinding fluid, emulsion, electrolyte, synthetic solution, process water and other liquids. ● LE series centrifugal filter maintains the used processing fluid optimally, so as to prolong the service life of the fluid, improve the surface quality of the workpiece or rolled product, a...

  • 4New LR Series Rotary Filtration System

    4New LR Series Rotary Filtration System

    Product Advantages ● Low pressure flushing (100 μm) And high pressure cooling (20 μm) Two filtering effects. ● The stainless steel screen filtration mode of the rotary drum does not use consumables, which greatly reduces the operating cost. ● The rotary drum with modular design is composed of one or more independent units, which can meet the demand of super large flow. Only one set of system is required, and it occupies less land than the vacuum belt filter. ● The specially designed filter sc...

  • 4New RO Series Vacuum Oil Filter

    4New RO Series Vacuum Oil Filter

    Application introduction 1.1.  4New has more than 30 years of industry experience, and its R&D and manufacturing of RO series vacuum oil filter is mainly applicable to the ultra-fine purification of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, vacuum pump oil, air compressor oil, machinery industry oil, refrigeration oil, extrusion oil, gear oil and other oil products in petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, power, transportation, machinery manufacturing, railway and other industries 1.2.  RO serie...

  • 4New AFE Series Industrial Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector

    4New AFE Series Industrial Electrostatic Oil Mi...

  • 4New AFE Series Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector

    4New AFE Series Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector

    AFE Series Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector It is suitable for oil mist collection and purification of various machine tools. The product features small volume, large air volume, and high purification efficiency; Low noise, long consumable life, and low replacement cost. The purification efficiency reaches over 99%. It is an effective tool for you to save energy, reduce emissions, improve workshop environment, and recycle resources. Product advantages Purification System Initial eff...

  • 4New AS Series Smoke Purifier Machine

    4New AS Series Smoke Purifier Machine

    Application Smoke, dust, odor, and toxicity generated in processing occasions such as laser marking, laser carving, laser cutting, laser beauty, moxibustion therapy, soldering and tin immersion filter and purify harmful gases. Performance Description The metal frame structure of the body is durable and integrated, with a beautiful appearance and covers an area of land The small installation is simple and convenient, which is conducive to the cleanliness of the workspace. Product Features ● Ce...

  • 4New AF Series Mechanical Oil Mist Collector

    4New AF Series Mechanical Oil Mist Collector

    Features • High quality: low noise, vibration free, high-quality alloy phosphating and rust prevention, surface spray molding, air duct DuPont Teflon treatment. • Simple installation: Vertical, horizontal, and inverted types can be directly installed on the machine tool and bracket, making assembly and disassembly convenient. • Safety in use: circuit breaker protection, no sparks, no high-voltage hazards, and vulnerable components. • Convenient maintenance: The filter screen is easy to replac...

  • 4New AF Series Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector

    4New AF Series Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector

    Features • High purification rate, with the effect of degrading harmful substances and odors; • Long purification cycle, no cleaning within three months, and no secondary pollution; • Available in two colors, gray and white, with customizable colors, and air volume selectable; • No consumables; • Beautiful appearance, energy saving and low consumption, small wind resistance, and low noise; • High voltage power supply overload, overvoltage, open circuit protection, purification device and moto...

  • 4New AF Series Oil-Mist Collector

    4New AF Series Oil-Mist Collector

    Product Advantages ● Self cleaning filter element, maintenance free operation for more than one year. ● The durable mechanical pre separation device will not block, and can deal with the dust, chips, paper and other foreign matters in the oil mist. ● The variable frequency fan is placed behind the filter element and operates economically according to the change of demand without maintenance. ● Indoor or outdoor emission is optional: Grade 3 filter element meets the outdoor emission standard (...

  • 4New DB Series Briquetting Machine

    4New DB Series Briquetting Machine

    Benefits of using briquetting machine ● Create new sources of revenue by selling coal blocks to foundries or home heating markets at the higher prices (our customers can receive near stable prices) ● Save money by recycling and reusing metal scrap, cutting fluid, grinding oil or lotion ● No need to pay storage, disposal, and landfill fees ● Greatly labor costs ● Using zero hazard processes or adhesive additives ● Becoming a more environmentally friendly enterprise and reducing its i...

  • 4New DV Series Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

    4New DV Series Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

    Design Concept DV series industrial vacuum cleaner, designed to effectively remove contaminants and residues,such as residues and floating oil during machining from the normal use of coolant, from process fluids to increase productivity and improve overall working conditions. DV series vacuum cleaners are an innovative solution that reduces the frequency of fluid changes, prolongs the life of cutting tools and improves the quality of finished products. Product Application With DV series indu...

  • 4New DB Series Briquetting Machine

    4New DB Series Briquetting Machine

    Description The briquetting machine can extrude aluminum chips, steel chips, cast iron chips and copper chips into cakes and blocks for returning to the furnace, which can reduce burning loss, save energy and reduce carbon. It is suitable for aluminum alloy profile plants, steel casting plants, aluminum casting plants, copper casting plants and machining plants. This equipment can directly cold press the powdered cast iron chips, steel chips, copper chips, aluminum chips, sponge iron, iron or...

  • 4New DV Series Industrial Vacuum Cleaner & Coolant Cleaner

    4New DV Series Industrial Vacuum Cleaner &...

    Product Advantages ● Wet and dry, it can not only clean the slag in the tank, but also suction the scattered dry debris. ● Compact structure, less land occupation and convenient movement. ● Simple operation, fast suction speed, no need to stop the machine. ● Only compressed air is needed, no consumables are used, and the operation cost is greatly reduce. ● The service life of the processing fluid is greatly extended, the floor area is reduced, the leveling efficiency is increased, and the mai...

  • 4New PD Series Chip Handling Lifting Pump

    4New PD Series Chip Handling Lifting Pump

    Description Shanghai 4New’s patented product PD series pump, with high cost performance, high load capacity, high reliability and high durability, has become a good substitute for imported chip handling lifting pump. ● The chip handling lifting pump, also known as dirty coolant pump and return pump, can transfer the mixture of chips and cooling lubricant from the machine tool to the filter. It is an indispensable part of metal processing. The working condition of the chip handling lifti...

  • 4New PS Series Pressurized Return Pump Station

    4New PS Series Pressurized Return Pump Station

    4New Pressurized Liquid Return Station ● The return pump station consists of a cone bottom return tank, a cutting pump, a liquid level gauge and an electric control box. ● Various types and shapes of cone bottom return tanks can be used for various machine tools. The specially designed cone bottom structure makes all the chips pumped away without accumulation and maintenance. ● One or two cutting pumps can be installed on the box, which can be adapted to imported brands such as EVA, Brinkmann...

  • 4New OW Series Oil-Water Separator

    4New OW Series Oil-Water Separator

    Description How to remove the thick and viscous sludge scum mixture, which is covered on the cutting fluid, is a difficult problem in the industry. When the traditional oil remover is powerless, why does Shanghai 4New’s patented OW impurity oil separation system work continuously? ● During metal processing, especially the processing of cast iron and aluminum alloy, the lubricating oil of the machine tool and the fine chips of workpiece processing are mixed with the cutting fluid, and th...

  • 4New FMD Series Filter Media Paper

    4New FMD Series Filter Media Paper

    Description The wet tensile strength of filter paper is very important. In the working state, it should have enough strength to pull its own weight, the weight of filter cake covering its surface and the friction force with the chain. When selecting filter paper, the required filtering accuracy, specific filtering equipment type, coolant temperature, pH, etc. shall be considered. The filter paper must be continuous in the length direction to the end without interface, otherwise it is easy to ...

  • 4New FMO Series Panel and Pleated Air Filters

    4New FMO Series Panel and Pleated Air Filters

    Advantage Low resistance. Large flow. Long life. Product Structure 1. Frame: aluminum frame, galvanized frame, stainless steel frame, thickness customized according to customer requirements. 2. Filter material: ultra-fine glass fiber or synthetic fiber filter paper. Appearance size: Panel and pleated air filters can be customized according to customer requirements. Performance Parameters 1. Efficiency: Can be customized 2. Maximum operating temperature:<800 ℃ 3. Recommended final pressure ...

  • 4New FMB Series Liquid Filter Bags

    4New FMB Series Liquid Filter Bags

    Description The membrane covered dust removal liquid filter bag is composed of polytetrafluoroethylene microporous membrane and various base materials (PPS, glass fiber, P84, aramid) with special composite technology. Its purpose is to form surface filtration, so that only the gas passes through the filter material, leaving the dust contained in the gas on the filter material surface. The research shows that because the film and dust on the surface of the filter material are deposited on...

  • 4New Precoat Filter Sintered Porous Metal Tubes

    4New Precoat Filter Sintered Porous Metal Tubes

    Product Advantages • The gap of screen tube is V-shaped, which can effectively intercept impurities. It has solid structure, high strength, and is not easy to block and clean. • The utility model has the advantages of high opening rate, large filtering area and fast filtering speed,low comprehensive cost. • High pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, low cost and long service life. • The small outer diameter of precoat filter sintered porous metal tubes can reach 19mm, and the larg...

  • Vacuum Belt Filter for Automobile Engine Production Line Export to Uzbekistan
  • Central Precoating Filtration System of Gear Grinding Oil Exported to Korea
  • Ultra Essential Oil Precoating Centralized Filtration System for Bearing Factory Exported to India


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What services does 4New provide?

● Correct match + reduce consumption.
● Precision filtration + temperature control.
● Centralized treatment of coolant and slag + efficient transportation.
● Fully automatic control + remote operation and maintenance.
● Customized new planning + old renovation.
● Slag briquette + oil recovery.
● Emulsion purification and regeneration.
● Oil mist dust collection.
● Waste liquid demulsification discharge.


Service First